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You know I'm a nut when it comes to weather and thermometers. It all started when I was a teen, and did some work for Accu-Weather at JFK airport. It ended abruptly after three days, when they decided they didn't want to pay me. So, now I've purchased my own professional weather station, and you can see the detailed weather conditions at my house 24-hours-a-day. Updated every 4 seconds! Just go here:

Roswell Georgia Weather

FIRST GEORGIA SNOW OF 2008! - January 16, 2008: Go here to see some night pictures from our yard! GEORGIA SNOW PICTURES!

We're in Atlanta now!

Arlene and I are living in the Roswell section of Georgia. It's real country-like and hilly, so it's tough trying to ride a bike. But we really like it!

Welcome to a good friend!

Welcome to our good friend, Gordon Freed, who finally sold his house in Fort Lauderdale and moved to nearby Woodstock, Georgia. Great to have you here, Gordon!

I wasn't gonna say anything, but...

I had a heart attack back on July 25th, but I'm doing well now. Other than a complete lifestyle change (only healthy eating, daily medication, weight loss (35 pounds!) and an attempt at more exercise)...well...it's been a big change for me. The Doctor says I'm on the "30 year plan" now, so I'm hoping everything will be OK.